Lviv 26/03


LifeHackDay Ukraine is the event for higt-tech startups, successful enterpreneurs, investors, developers, digital medias and all who in any case related to IT-industry.

LifeHackDay 2016 is devoted to development of high-tech and innovative business. Speakers are successful IT-enterpreneurs and investors. Everyone have oportunity to become a participant. Startups won’t get only new information and useful practical knowledge but also possibility to become acquainted with investors, declaring about itself.

The mission of the event is to increase the business success startups using really practical and interesting program.

Event is organaized by accelerator FeelGoodLabs Startup and business-incubator Innovation Box.


We will conduct workshops in between of three sessions. Everyone will be able to improve their entrepreneurial skills and take useful knowledge on practice. Afterparty is waiting for you after event. You may get acquainted with all participants of the event and talking in an informal setting.


Successful IT enterpreneurs will tell about their own experience and answer the questions of participants.


Open discussion with lead ukrainian venture investors. During this time you will be able to get unique experience and speaking with key personalities of the IT-industry. It is an excellent possibility to perresent yourself and your ideas.


Pre-selected teams of young enterpreneurs will have possibility during 3 minutes  to represent their projects. Experts will give the comments and advices related to business model, marketing strategy and other actual questions on real examples. To take a part as a startup, you have to send us the registration form.


  • Oleksiy Koval
    Oleksiy Koval
    Принципи компанії як основа для росту: припиняємо брехати собі та оточуючим
    Oleksiy Koval
  • Michael Babich
    Michael Babich
    Як стартапу вижити та уникнути помилок
    Michael Babich
  • Vadym Rogovskyi
    Vadym Rogovskyi
    Як не отримати інвестицій: 10 шкідливих порад
    Vadym Rogovskyi
  • Sergiy Nozdrachov
    Sergiy Nozdrachov
    Мої найдорожчі помилки, або сім золотих правил інвестування у стартапи
    Sergiy Nozdrachov
    Business angel
  • Oleksiy Vitchenko
    Oleksiy Vitchenko
    Дискусія на тему ІТ стартапів та інвестицій
    Oleksiy Vitchenko
    Digital Future
  • Natalia Vladimirova
    Natalia Vladimirova
    Захист нематеріальних активів: 5 лайфхаків
    Natalia Vladimirova
    Prima Veritas
  • Sergey Dovgopolyy
    Sergey Dovgopolyy
    Інтро програми акселерації для технологічних стартапів FeelGoodLabs Startup
    Sergey Dovgopolyy
    FeelGoodLabs Business Accelerator
  • Vyacheslav Mayakin
    Vyacheslav Mayakin
    Кому і чому інвестор каже ні
    Vyacheslav Mayakin
  • Ruslan Beltyukov
    Ruslan Beltyukov
    Роль власника у розвитку бізнесу
    Ruslan Beltyukov
    Business Community School
  • Oles Tymofeev
    Oles Tymofeev
    Як увійти в топ 30 співтовариств країни та стати лідером в своїй ніші завдяки Facebook
    Oles Tymofeev
    Genius Marketing
  • Ayshe Borseitova
    Ayshe Borseitova
    Воркшоп: Лайфхаки по вивченню англійської мови
    Ayshe Borseitova


09:00 - 10:30 Business breakfast (for VIP*)
10:30 - 11:00 Registration for main event, morning coffee
11:00 - 13:10 Entrepreneurs LifeHacks Session
13:10 - 14:00 Discuss with Oleksiy Vitchenko
14:00 - 15:00 Dinner & networking time
15:00 - 17:10 Investors LifeHacks Session
17:10 - 17:40 Workshop with Ayshe Borseitova
17:40 - 18:00 Coffee break
18:00 - 18:30 FeelGoodLabs Startup Introduction
18:30 - 20:00 Startups Pitching Session
20:00 - 20:10 Open mic session
20:10 - 23:00 Afterparty


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